New Realities, New Traditions

By Adrian S. Turner, M.A., LMFT Are you finding the holiday season especially difficult this year? It may be that this is the first experience with the loss of a loved one. Or that you now realize the emphasis placed on the holidays is more impactful because of the loss. During this time when “holiday […]

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The Hardship of the Holidays

By Adrian S. Turner, M.A., LMFT There are moments in our process of grief where the pain becomes more real, excruciating and devastating. Those times are usually around the anniversary of the loss or the loved one’s birthday. Another tough time is the holiday season. The holidays are typically a time when family and friends come […]

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There is Hope in Grief

By Adrian S. Turner, M.A., LMFT Hope is defined as the expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. The expression, “Hope springs eternal,” means that having hope will live on, despite terrible circumstances. Loss is one of those situations where hope seems impossible. Can there be an expectation for goodness in the midst […]

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Nurturing a Child’s Grief

  By Adrian S. Turner, M.A., LMFT Young children that experience grief need extra support. Although they may not seem to comprehend what has happened, they experience pain differently than adults but experience it just as intensely. What are the things to look out for when dealing with a child that has lost a loved one? […]

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To Share or Not Share?

By Adrian S. Turner, M.A., LMFT When we examine people who are our friends, hopefully we define them such by reliability, integrity and loyalty.  Those three words mean that they are someone that you can confide in to carry your burden and be an understanding ear.  When it comes to grief, you need to be sure […]

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Enjoying the Now

By Adrian  S. Turner, M.A., LMFT We have spent a great deal of time talking about loss and grief in these blogs.  Let’s shift gears and talk about what we can do today, when life is stable, good, and there are no losses on the horizon.  Ask yourself, “Am I living my life?” It’s interesting […]

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Grief’s Impact on Finances

  By Adrian S. Turner M.A., LMFT It may seem unusual to equate money with loss but the two certainly go together.  Hopefully you are someone who has pre-planned for the costs of a funeral and have life insurance in place to help you.  As we all know, it’s not if but when. Having a […]

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